ADGER CHAKO ACE Disappearing Marking Pen (WHITE) - 3x WHITE INK

Adger Chako

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ADGER CHAKO ACE Disappearing Marker 

QTY: 3x WHITE ink

Made in Japan

Lines are easily removed with plain water

For dressmaking, handicraft, embroidery, artificial flowers, temporary line marking etc.
✓ Markings disappear spontaneously when left to stand for 1-14 days. 

Erasable easily and quickly by water and Eraser. 

✓ This may vary with material and size of the fabric and surroundings such as temperature, humidity, and air circulation.

 Eraser or Water

Use Adger Chako ERASER pen >> Marks immediately disappear by touching dots or tracing lines. 

Or Water wash it out. Marks once become vivid but gradually disappear.